WELCOME to our new Support Service website!


We’re still working on it. But that’s life isn’t  it.     We are all still a work in progress because God hasn’t finished with us yet!

So what’s changed?

  1. We have made our website our primary contact medium to our community.bigstockphoto_Change_Ahead_5993268

If you want to access a service or talk to someone, simply go to Contact Us on the menu     and send us a message.

  1. We are committed to making our website a regularly updated source of informative and interesting articles and life stories. You can help us here by submitting or bringing material to our attention.
  2. The CSN realises that the face of modern communication is constantly changing. To be relevant to our community we need to tap into the new technology. We are keen to add video clips, podcasts and links to social media to our website.


We would just love to have a team of younger people who are interested in the welfare field and are keen to develop their IT skills who would like to be involved. Let us know if you are interested!

What hasn’t changed?



The CSN is as ever, committed to caring for others as Jesus cares for us.

Our counselling service remains completely confidential and scripturally based.

Use the contact us tab to access.




What you can find at caring4U.org.au

Browse through the menu to discover


Access to a variety of seminars / courses dealing with relationships, marriage, youth, parenting, children/child protection as well as personal counselling.


Articles and information on many life issues


Articles, book reviews, information sheets and leaflets to download.

News and Newsletters

Read about the latest and planned activities

We really would like your feedback!

Your comments and suggestions for our website are most welcome. We need your help to make www.caring4U a useful resource for our Christadelphian community.  Let’s hear from YOU!


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