The NSW Christadelphian Support Network has now been serving our community for eighteen years. We thank our Heavenly Father for the blessings and opportunities He has sent us. We have been encouraged by the increasing acceptance, use and widespread support for the CSN.

Counselling and Telephone Contact

The CSN continues to be engaged in face to face and telephone counselling with individual Christadelphians and families across Australia and in some cases overseas.
The mobile telephone helpline which of late has been only infrequently used will be discontinued in 2014 and replaced with anonline answering service.

Internet Website

Because of the strong online trend in information seeking,the CSN will in future be focusing on building the website into its frontline resource. Information, articles and book reviews will be regularly posted.
In 2014 a new website managing system will be introduced to handle the increased entries and regular updating of the CSN website
From 2014 the CSN newsletter will be totally online – distributed by email to ecclesias and individuals or accessed from the CSN website.


The CSN seminar program has played a highly significant role in providing welfare information to our community, influencing caring attitudes of acceptance and understanding for others and providing a safe place for people to share their life stories.

Over the past 18 years a total of seventy seminars have been conducted by the CSN, all well received and most of them combined with a communal meal. The committee feels that the seminar program based at the Shaftesbury Road hall has more than fulfilled the goals for which it was initiated.
A list of topics for these seminars will be made available in 2014.

The CSN has decided in the future to promote ecclesially sponsored seminars generated by the needs of their members at that time. Any ecclesia or group of ecclesias who would like assistance in running a specific seminar on a spiritual/emotional/welfare topic (eg Coping with grief and loss; spiritual depression; domestic violence; etc)are invited to contact the CSN.


A series of leaflets in new colourful format have now been published as a joint project between the CSN and Christadelphian Aged Care.
These leaflets are now in use in all CAC Aged Care facilities.
The CSN is now able to provide leaflets to ecclesias at a cost of 20c each.
The titles are: ‘Dealing with Guilt’; ’Coping with Loss’; ‘Forgiveness’ and ‘Understanding Depression’.

The CSN Pre-Marriage Discussion workbook for use by marriage celebrants with engaged couples has now been fully revised and will be ready for publication shortly. Ecclesias and celebrants will be notified when it is available.

Marriage Enrichment

In a joint initiative with the AACE, Doug &CyndyMogg who have been facilitating Marriage Courses since 2003, conducted a Marriage Enrichment Training Weekend at Charlestown on February 15,16 & 17 2013. Volunteer couples from Australian states and NZ experienced and practiced presenting the course so that they can be the facilitators in their own states. If your ecclesia would like to have a Marriage Enrichment Course as part of your pastoral care program in 2014 please contact Doug and CyndyMogg (0249712212) and we will give you details of availablecourse convenors and presenters.

Doug Mogg
Chairman NSW CSN

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