Youth seminars on relationships

We have married couples trained to present the course “No Apologies” .

This course is a character based sexuality program that specifically promotes abstinence-until-marriage. Its primary goal is to communicate that saving sex for marriage is the safest, healthiest and wisest choice.

There are four, 2 hour units in the course:

Unit 1   Who am I?

Unit 2  The Media and You

Unit 3  Boundaries and Choices

Unit 4  Healthy Relationships


Another course we have trained presenters for is

“How to drug proof your kids”

– steering your children away from  the harmful effects of drugs.

As parents most of us would love to somehow  ”drug proof” our children. Not to closet them away, but to empower them to make wise, healthy choices as they encounter the many temptations laid before them.

Research clearly shows a healthy family environment, where there are high levels of parent connectedness and interaction, can reduce the risk of harmful drug use by their children.

This course has 6 sessions:

Session 1       Parenting through Prevention

Session 2       Building a Strong Foundation

Session 3       Developing Integrity and Responsibility

Session 4       Communication and Participation

Session 5       Creating a safe Network and Peace of Mind

Session 6       Recognition and Affirmation

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