Pre-marriage Discussion Course booklets for engaged couples

This course was thoroughly revised in 2014 and has been reprinted

The pre-marriage discussion course is offered as a support for brothers and sisters helping couples preparing for marriage. The course could be presented by the marriage celebrant and his wife or by another couple who work with the celebrant.
The course consists of six sessions organised into

  1. Pre- discussion worksheets ( to be completed by the engaged couple)
  2. Session worksheets and discussion time spent with the presenters

The sessions are;

  1. Marriage designed by God
  2. Part 1: Getting to know myself and my partner
    Part 2: Complementary roles and expectations
  3. Part 1: Communication
    Part 2: Resolving differences
  4. Intimacy in marriage
  5. Finances
  6. Part 1: Friends and leisure activities
    Part 2: Family relationships
    Part 3: Marriage vows and formalities for the wedding ceremony

The couple will each need a copy of the booklet so that pre -discussion worksheets can be completed before each session. We suggest that the couple’s home ecclesia pay the cost of the booklets to show their love and support for the couple who are preparing for married life.

These booklets are available at a cost of $15 each, plus postage.

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