Marriage Enrichment



The Marriage Course has been presented widely and successfully in Australia and overseas by Doug and Cyndy Mogg for more than ten years. They have now trained facilitators in other states to provide the course to even more couples. The AACE has recommended the course for every Christadelphian couple particularly in the first years of marriage.

Course Aims

The aim of the course is to help couples to grow closer through commitment, time together, greater understanding of each other and through learning good habits.

Course Outline

The course is divided into seven sections –

  1. Building Strong Foundations
    • What is marriage?
    • Taking stock of your marriage
    • Making time for each other
    • Nurturing one another in love
  2. The Art of Communication
    • How to talk more effectively
    • How to listen more effectively
  3. Resolving Conflict
    • Principles for handling conflict
  4. The Power of Forgiveness
    • How intimacy can be lost
    • How intimacy can be restored
  5. The impact of Family
    • How to get on well with our parents and in-laws
    • How to leave behind parental control
    • How to address the effects of childhood pain
  6. Good Sex
    • Sex – what is it about?
    • Six qualities of great lovers
    • Protecting our marriage
    • Keeping sex alive
  7. Love in action
    • The five expressions of love

Format and Features

The marriage course workshop is for married couples only. They must be prepared to commit to the whole course together and be prepared to spend the time focussing on their own marriage.
It can be somewhat confronting for some, & will challenge their ability to express their real feelings and to communicate honestly with each other. Nevertheless it is a wonderful, valuable and precious time together for marrieds of any age, and can be an opening door to developing a closer and more fulfilling relationship.

Each session takes approximately 60 – 90 minutes to work through.

The sessions are introduced to the whole group by the presenters; bringing out scriptural principles, insights into the session’s topic and explanations of the activities involved.

Each couple then work through the activities together.

Each participant has a Marriage Course manual in which to answer questions, do activities and make notes. Often couples are asked to do the activity separately and then to share and discuss their responses.

Follow-up discussion in the whole group is usually self-generating and encouraged but not structured. There is no pressure to share anything about your own relationship.

Other audio-visual materials may be used as time permits.
The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly – and there are lots of fun moments. Couples are encouraged to make themselves comfortable, bring their own pillow? camp chair? chocolate? – whatever they need to get through a rather intense day. Tea, coffee, cold drink & nibbles will be available all day.

A special lunch and celebration dinner are included.

We promise it will be a day to remember!

Ideally, the course needs more than one day to complete; Saturday / Sunday would be ideal but brings with it the difficulties of other commitments on Sunday, and suitable venue etc. Perhaps Saturday + Sunday afternoon is a possibility; mostly we have worked it into a Friday night 7.30 -9.30 / Saturday 9 – 5 format. An all day Saturday course is another option – 9am through to dinner round 7pm but makes for a very full-on day. We have also worked the course on 3 consecutive weeknights 7-9.30pm.

For a ‘weekend’ course, it is best if a support team can organise and prepare the venue – furniture, food arrangements, morning& afternoon teas, dinner on Saturday etc.
It’s essential that the participants are uninterrupted so that they can focus totally on their activities and make maximum use of time.
The venue needs a space ‘a circle of chairs’ for group work and also space for each couple to find a discrete place for themselves to talk together.


Course Costs

Each participant will receive a workbook/manual that costs around $10.00 and an amount is usually added to pay for the food. Your ecclesia may want to subsidise costs, it’s up to you.
We would be willing to run the course for anywhere between 5 and 15 couples.
We hope this gives you enough information to work on. Feel free to emailDoug and Cyndythrough this website if you have any more questions.

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