Child Protection

Child Protection is a topic many feel uncomfortable with. However, in the past religious organisations who have ignored this topic have done so at their own peril. For some time now there have been strict legal requirements in place for the way in which activities involving children are conducted. These laws apply to all Ecclesial activities attended by children such as Sunday School and camps.

The Bible does not deal with Child Protection per se, and so the terminology and processes involved may be quite foreign to the Bible scholar. However many Biblical principals are incorporated within the concepts of Child Protection.

Some examples of this are:-Not only doing good, being seen to be doing good: 2Cor 8:21, 1 Tim 3:7, Tit 3:8
Caring for one another: Luke 10:34, 1 Cor 12:25, 2 Cor 8:16, 1 Pet 3:8-11
Caring for children: 2 Cor 8:16, Matt 18:6
Confessing our faults one to another: James 5:16, Col 3:9
Preventing corruption: 1 Cor 5:7-11, 1 Cor 10:12, 2 Cor 11:12, 2 Pet 9:2-22

“For we are all Children of God by faith in Christ Jesus” – Gal 3:26. There are also Biblical examples that can be used in the implementation of Child Protection policies, such as always being with someone else (Mark 6:7). Most Ecclesias are well aware of the Child Protection legislation, and have adopted or developed their own Child Protection policies. However the laws are constantly changing, and part of the Child Protection guidelines are to review and update policies and procedures over time. The Christadelphian Support Service (NSW) is making resources available to help Ecclesias with this ongoing development. These resources can be used simply for ideas or discussion, or be used as templates for the basis of further development. To go to these resources simply click on the links below.

Draft Child Protection Guidelines
Making Children Safer – Part 1
Making Children Safer – Part 2
Making Children Safer – Part 3

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