Seek and ye shall find

Dear Brothers, Sisters and Friends in the Lord,

“Seek and ye shall find.” We are all familiar with Christ’s instruction and believe that God will increase our understanding if we diligently apply ourselves to studying his word. It is true that God does want us to earnestly seek and search the Scriptures to learn about him and to understand his plan and purpose with humankind.

Recently though, I was looking back over the events of the week and it occurred to me that many times, God’s hand had been behind what was happening, even though I was not necessarily aware of it at the time. I started to contemplate a slightly different meaning for the words.

For example, I currently have a useful, but fairly undramatic part-time job in Community Services. I took it more because I could drive to work in 20 minutes rather than sitting in a bus for an hour and a half each way, than because it would challenge me particularly.

Looking back over the past year though, life outside work has been so hectic and full-on that I now realise I would not have been able to manage a demanding job as well as the rest of my life, effectively. I would quite possibly have given up work prematurely. So thinking about it, God may have had a purpose in putting me here after all.

We discover many similar examples in our lives if we make the effort to look for them: the time one desperately needed someone to talk to – and a friend turned up, out of the blue, to ask how things were going. The time the steering on the car failed as I was circling a roundabout, and I cruised gently over the sign without having an accident or damaging the car significantly. The train trip that turned into an unexpected opportunity to share one’s faith with a stranger.

Sometimes it is not about seeking further wisdom but more about looking for the unsought “coincidences”. Finding the ways that God intervenes when we are not expecting it.

Searching through each day for the things he has done in our lives can yield unexpected encouragement. If we seek him in our everyday lives, we will find him.

With love in the Lord,

Susie Laudenbach

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