Resting in the Lord

I listened to an interesting talk recently on “resting in the Lord” from Psalm 37:7.

To rest in the Lord isn’t about sitting back and doing nothing – rather it is a process of learning to roll with the punches, knowing God is in charge. It is about keeping going, whatever our circumstances, and trusting that God will see us through.

It doesn’t mean that we will necessarily like what is happening to us – Job was certainly very unhappy about the misfortunes which befell him. Sometimes we have to trust God while we stand metaphorically on the shore of the Red Sea with the Egyptian army galloping towards us. We need to maintain our certainty that God is still there, still with us in the tough places. It can be about “letting go and letting God”.

At times we create our own difficulties by beating ourselves up over a perception that we are not doing enough, or not doing it properly. Whilst we shouldn’t become complacent, a continual feeling of discouragement can lead to depression and prevent us trying altogether.

We may not be able to do everything for everybody, but we can do something for somebody. As long as we are sincerely trying to do what we can, maybe that is sufficient. We can keep going forward in faith, one day at a time. We can relax into God, confident that he accepts our best efforts.

I John 3:20 “If our heart condemns us, God is greater than our heart”.

There is always joy to be found – often in small portions, but joy nevertheless – if we look for it with the eyes of faith. Cuddling a baby, playing with a puppy, meeting a friend for coffee or lunch, sitting in a garden on a sunny day with a good book – different things appeal to different people.

It may not make our marriage perfect or our mother well, or take away the pain of arthritis (this isn’t a perfect world), but being able to find things to be happy about, and feeling OK about recognising those moments of happiness – not being proud, but acknowledging that we are giving it our best shot, and that this is acceptable to God – helps us to obtain the rest and confidence that David talks about in the Psalms.

Worth a thought!

Susie Laudenbach

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