There has been a concerted effort to add some appropriate articles to our web site.

We are also interested to receive a articles on topics that have changed your life. Feel free to contact us and we will try to add it to the website.

  • Let it snow

    I receive a copy of “Our Daily Bread” from the RBC Ministries. Yesterday, Joe Stowell writes about snow. He points out that each snow flake is individual and unique, but alone, they are soon melted and so very fragile. En masse they can create a …

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  • The Five Love Languages

    A review of this book has been added to the website.

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  • Resting in the Lord

    I listened to an interesting talk recently on “resting in the Lord” from Psalm 37:7. To rest in the Lord isn’t about sitting back and doing nothing – rather it is a process of learning to roll with the punches, knowing God is in charge. …

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  • Seek and ye shall find

    Dear Brothers, Sisters and Friends in the Lord, “Seek and ye shall find.” We are all familiar with Christ’s instruction and believe that God will increase our understanding if we diligently apply ourselves to studying his word. It is true that God does want us …

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  • Life after marriage breakdown

    The Christadephian Support Network promotes marriages that last, but sometimes because of our weaknesses, relationships break down. While certainly not advocating that divorce is all right, we acknowledge that we are human. Most of us know someone who has experienced the pain of a marriage …

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  • Confess your faults

    Dear brothers, sisters and friends in the Lord, James 5:16 encourages us to “Confess your faults one to another and pray for one-another”. Such a practice originally designed to encourage self-examination and promote mutual support can actually take a lot of trust and courage to …

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  • So you’re an aged care volunteer?

    “Mrs Francis Smith, Room 34, would like to be taken outside into the sunshine.” It was my first day as a volunteer at the aged care home. “You can do this”, I encouraged myself, “you’re 65, spent your whole life talking and motivating people, this …

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  • The Power of the Language of Acceptance

    When a person is able to feel and communicate genuine acceptance of another, he possesses a capacity for being a powerful helping agent for the other. His acceptance of the other, as he is, is an important factor in fostering a relationship in which the …

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