Let it snow

I receive a copy of “Our Daily Bread” from the RBC Ministries. Yesterday, Joe Stowell writes about snow.

He points out that each snow flake is individual and unique, but alone, they are soon melted and so very fragile. En masse they can create a force that can shut down major cities, stop trains, car and trucks but also create beautiful landscapes and decorate trees.

Some enjoy sliding over the surface on skis, sleds or skates. They make snow balls and snow men.

This is made possible because they the flakes also stick together.

Is there an analogy here to the christian life. Each is uniquely gifted with a capacity to make a contribution. We are not made, though, to live in isolation, but to work together in the service of our Master. The body is made of many members.

We can accomplish more together than we can alone.

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