CSN Seminar – Non Violent Communication Connecting to Others with Empathy and Compassion

Saturday, May 12, 2012 – 5:00pm – 7:00pm
Shaftesbury Road Hall

Connecting to Others with Empathy and Compassion


NVC is an approach for communicating with others that values and respects the other person as much as yourself. It has been developed and refined by a psychologist, Marshall Rosenberg. This approach now crosses many international boundaries, including Marshall’s personal work in Israel and the Palestinian West Bank. As a technique it is remarkably simple to learn and remember. Yet as an approach to communicating it requires a lifetime of practice. What is exciting for us is that it is directly relevant to finding Christ’s voice in a way that enables us to communicate with compassion and empathy.
How the technique of NVC works to value the feelings and needs of other people you are connecting to everyday How NVC as an approach to communicating can alter the way you think about expressing compassion and empathyWhere you can go to find further resources and skills

YOUR PRESENTERS, Geoff and Lauren Watson alk about their experience with NVC. We attended a weekend introductory seminar on NVC in mid 2011 after having read books and material by Marshall Rosenberg.

We were able to begin applying many of the NVC ideas and skills into our family life and in Lauren’s case, directly within her workplace. Through these experiences we have realised that the changes can be profound because the approach is effective even when the other person has little or no grasp of NVC.

We know that NVC is one of many approaches you can use in communicating with others and it is not the total answer to all the situations we confront!

However, we want to take this opportunity to share with you the potential this approach has for our voice of compassion through Christ.

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